Friday, 9 July 2010

Look Who's Back

Well I'm back from a grrrreat holiday. Can't wait for the foundation course...well actually one week ain't bad. Have loads of things to do and get ready.

Good news, I got a suit jacket. I'm so pleased with myself.
Anyhoo I've got a mere 64 emails to read...

Friday, 2 July 2010

OK, the holidays...Yeah...not that much to say, going on Holiday for a week then SYT Summer Fest for two weeks...possibly some other stuff but I don't know yet...or have I using to much ellipses?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

A New Song - With One Eye

OK This is my unfinished song...tell me what you think so far....

-With One Eye-

Why do I cry,
With one eye,
When I try,
To defy, the fact,
That I won't be with you,

What us the point,
In this joint,
I'll appoint,
Some new friends,
To take the load,

I know I'll never I'll never be with you,
So why do I even try,
But if you ever leave me,
I know I'll certainly die,
I've been so close before,
I won't go there any more,
I've learnt my lesson already,
Please don't disappear,

Tell me,
Why do I cry,
With one eye,
When I try,
I'm too shy,
Just don't lie, You,
Don't Really love me...

That's all I'm afraid ^.^

Captain's Blog, Stardate 02/07/2010

Ok so blogging...Yeah I don't know what to do but basically I'll post when I can, Probably about events and such...hope you like it ^.^